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We are situated in a multilingual country where English is the official and spoken language. Many of our pupils come from multilingual families and therefore grow up bilingually, with one of the languages being either German or English. We are aware of this special situation!

As an award-winning German International School, we have made it our mission to support our pupils in learning German in particular. The German language is one of the 10 most popular languages of our time. It plays a key role in the field of science in particular. German opens up possibilities, creates opportunities and can have a positive and lasting influence on the future of our pupils in many areas.

We also recognize the special importance of the English language for life in Ghana and worldwide. It is therefore also important to us to give the English language a special role in everyday life.

The acquisition of several languages is very important, as foreign language skills are a prerequisite in today's professional world. Furthermore, the majority of our families travel the world for professional reasons. With our bilingual concept (German/English), we endeavor to give space to both languages and to support our pupils in learning both languages in the best possible way.


Day-to-day activities at the nursery are being held in German. The aim is to give English-speaking children the opportunity to learn German as quickly as possible. For native English speakers, English-speaking contact persons are also available at all times in everyday life. In this way, security and safety for our youngest children

always be guaranteed. In optional group programmes, German-speaking children can also get a taste of English-language activities in kindergarten.

In primary school, the majority of lessons are taught in German. Our instruction is based on the Thuringian curriculum. English-speaking pupils are given the opportunity to learn German as quickly as possible in an intensive class so that they can then take part in regular lessons.

Sport, art, science and English are taught in English from Year 1 onwards. Our teachers teach sensitively and in a way that is adapted to the knowledge of the pupils. German-speaking children are thus given the opportunity to improve their English skills in the shortest possible time. For English-speaking children who are learning German in the intensive class, there is the opportunity to participate in these subjects in a normal class setting. Cambridge teaching materials are used to supplement lessons, depending on pupil performance, as early as primary school and prepare pupils at an early stage for the English language.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive extracurricular activities which are mainly taught in English.