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Kindergarten and Preschool

Kindergarten and Preschool

The Kindergarten and Preschool

The children will be in the kindergarten between the ages of 3 and 6. We guide our children in exploring language, numbers, music, creativity and science, encourage their desire for movement and raise their awareness of healthy eating. Our educational work is based on the Thuringian education plan. The children are always at the centre of our educational concept. We cover all areas of education with selected educational programmes.

Language diversity with a focus on the German language

Language is the key to understanding the world and oneself and is crucial for interpersonal relationships. Language promotes a child's cognitive, emotional and social development. Language is therefore considered to play a key role in a child's personal development. It has an impact on success at school, the competent use of media and participation in social life. The promotion of language development therefore takes place in the kindergarten in all educational processes in accordance with the educational areas.We playfully promote sound formation, vocabulary expansion, communicative skills, the ability to construct sentences and rhythmic speech. All of our programmes have a deliberately integrative character. Children who do not yet speak German or only speak it to a limited extent benefit from the German-speaking children, who use their facial expressions and gestures sensitively and purposefully to communicate with each other. Children who speak German as their mother tongue expand their language skills in a targeted manner. The focus is always on curiosity, fun and enjoyment, so that all children can confidently apply and try out the language skills they have learnt.

Bilingual education - German/English

A wide range of challenges await our children as they grow up. In times when the world is growing ever closer together, it is becoming increasingly important to have a command of foreign languages. This is why we promote early contact with a foreign language through our bilingual concept. We not only promote the children's language skills, but also their cognitive development and social skills. In our kindergarten, we work according to the "One Face - One Language - Principle". This means that one pedagogical specialist speaks German and one speaks English with the children. This has the advantage that the children can always recognise which language is required. Activities and morning circles are therefore also held partly in German and partly in English, depending on the teacher in charge. This approach allows the children to learn the respective language in a natural way. In addition, we accompany the children in their linguistic behaviour in order to guarantee a playful approach to learning the respective language that is integrated into everyday life.

Preschool The preschool children have an extra preschool programme every day. This lasts 45 minutes and is offered by a teacher. During this time, the children get to know the school materials (pencil cases, rooms, Lola) and work on them. They do lots of swinging exercises, count syllables, recognise rhymes and sounds and write numbers. The children really enjoy this special time. Of course, preschool also takes place in normal kindergarten life, because in kindergarten you learn how to cut, glue and hold a pencil correctly. They learn geometric shapes, quantities and much more.